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Colleague Reviews


Chris Daniels

The Show Report

“Turning heads in the Southern California region is a phenomenal actor who has packed a slate of historical melodramas, comedies and musicals in his repertoire this year – a rugged, intense leading man with undeniable good looks and proven star potential – the brilliant David Šášik. In fact, anything he does, I feel like I have to go in a cave and cry for an hour. Catapulting into popularity with theatrical troupes in three counties, this performer has shaken up the industry and solidified his niche in the world of theatre through remarkably compelling, provocative performances and pristine, unsullied vocal power.”


Gary Busby

Mentor, Voice Teacher,


Daniel Gary Busby School of Singing

"David Šášik is an actor with great sensitivity, depth and connection to material. In his person, he possesses big emotional engine that allows him access to a rich internal life. This is audible in his beautiful singing voice. As a collaborator, he is generous, kind, engaged and excited about learning and developing his work—and going deep. It has been my pleasure to work with him as a student and I eagerly look forward to working with him as a professional."


Luke Yankee

Award-Winning Director

and Playwright

"David Šášik is the real deal. He is a wonderful singer and a thoughtful, sensitive and talented actor. Better still, he is charming, affable, a team player and a real go-getter. I see the word STAR written all over him. Any director or producer would be lucky to have him in their company."

Don Hill.jpg

Don Hill

UC Irvine, Chair of Drama Department

"One of the most professional, hard working actors I have ever worked with!! He knows how to take a note and make the adjustment immediately. He is a director's dream actor."


Andrew Palermo

Broadway choreographer, Allegiance

"David is a burgeoning triple threat. Dedicated. Rigorous. Talented. Brimming with potential. I can't wait to see where David's career takes him.”


Steven Stanley

Editor, StageSceneLA

"David Šášik's charismatic lead performance as Princeton in Avenue Q, his dynamic featured turn as two distinctive characters in Parade, and his song-and-dance ensemble work in Dogfight, All Shook Up, and Hairspray reveal a triple-threat talent with bona fide star potential."

Production Reviews


TR Robertson

The Vista Press

For She Loves Me:

"Each of the additional actors and actress are cast perfectly for their parts. The slick talking Steven Kodaly fits David Sasik, especially when he sweet talks Ilona in the song, 'Ilona' and when he tries to turn around his firing as he sings to the other employees 'Grand Knowing You'."


Valerie-Jean Miller

Broadway World

For Rewind: An 80s Pop Musical:

"...and his sidekick, Mark, entertainingly played by David Šášik. He's a riot in his hippie, stoner gear and manner!"


Chris Daniels

The Show Report

For The Little Mermaid:

"David Šášik doesn’t phone in the love story. David makes a dashing Prince Eric indeed, handling vocals and movements impeccably, and exuding charisma and emotion on stage effortlessly. The chemistry was soon evident and the sparks flew when Ms. Abeles and Šášik were together."


Chris Daniels

The Show Report

For Bonnie & Clyde:

"...the versatile David Šášik as Bonnie’s love-struck local cop Ted, who has a wonderfully memorable and impeccably timed duet with Brians ('You Can Do Better Than Him'), and whose role in the show portrays a much more in-depth soul-search than usual to the character..."


Imaan Jalali

LA Excites

For No, No, Nanette:

"[Erin] Dubreuil is excellent during her duets with Tom – portrayed by David Šášik – and has a splendid vocal range that emotes with both a sweetness and an empowered vigor. Šášik, too, nicely keeps up with his stage counterpart, and plays Tom with an appropriate and enjoyable puppy-love-struck sentimentality."


Chris Daniels

The Show Report

For Mamma Mia:

"Sophie's fiancé, Sky (the perfectly chiseled Mr. Šášik), exhibits charm and charisma that jump off the stage, and you find yourself following him in the large group scenes, showing off his exquisite dance prowess and vocals in 'Lay All Your Love on Me' and 'Voulez Vous.'"

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