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First Generation Productions

During the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, I decided to start writing, directing, and producing my own content in the wake of the entertainment industry being shut down.

Thus, First Generation Productions was born.

My goal is to produce natural and authentic content while also exploring film genres that I have not had a chance to work in yet. The health and safety of my colleagues and their families is my top concern so all projects produced during the coronavirus pandemic involve heavy safety regulations. These include wearing masks, unless you are on camera, and keeping the crew small so that social distancing may be observed.

First Generation's premiere film, Game Night - A Horror Short, is now available for streaming on Vimeo and YouTube. Feel free to stream it below!

Anza-Borrego - A Post-Apocalyptic Short, First Generation's second project, is also available for streaming on YouTube or using the video below!

Amadeus: A Sci-Fi Short Film, First Generation's third project is in post-production with an expected release date in the Fall of 2022.


Coming Soon!

Anza-Borrego Release Poster.png
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